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William Bruckman San Miguel

Grados académicos: 
PhD Astronomía, Penn State University - Pennsilvania, 1979.

4. W. Bruckman,1 A. Ruiz,1 and E. Ramos, ANALYTICAL MODEL FOR MARS CRATER-SIZE FREQUENCY DISTRIBUTION.   RevMexAA (Serie de Conferencias), 35, 19{20 (2009). 

3.  Bruckman, W.; Esteban, E.P An alternative calculation of light bending and time delay by a gravitational field.nly, American Journal of Physics, Aug93, Vol. 61 Issue 8, p750, 5p, 1 chart, 4 diagrams; (AN 9311090120).

2. William F. Bruckman 1 and Esov S. Velrlzquez, Conditions for Equilibrium of Perfect Fluids in the Scalar-Tensor Theories  2'3 Received 31 July, 1992, General Relativity and Gravilation, Vol. 25, No. 9, 1993.

1.  Bruckman, William.   Stationary axially symmetric exterior solutions in the five-dimensional representation of the Brans-Dicke-Jordan theory of gravitation.   Physical Review D:  Particles and Fields  (1986),  34(10),  2990-3005.  CODEN: PRVDAQ  ISSN:0556-2821.  CAN 105:233722  AN 1986:633722  CAPLUS.

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